Configuration for Performance Monitoring Flow Record

configure terminal

flow record type performance-monitor record-name

match ipv4 {destination {address | prefix [minimum-mask mask]} | protocol | source {address | prefix [minimum-mask mask]}

match transport {destination-port | rtp [ssrc] | source-port}

collect application media {bytes {rate | counter [long]} | packets {rate [variation] | counter [long]} | events}

collect counter {bytes [long | rate] | packets [dropped [long] | long]}

collect interface {input | output}

collect ipv4 {destination mask [minimum-mask mask] | dscp | source mask [minimum-mask mask] | ttl [minimum | maximum]}

collect monitor event

collect routing forwarding-status [reason]

collect timestamp internal

collect transport {event packet-loss counter | packets {expected counter | lost {counter | rate}} | round-trip-time | rtp jitter {minimum | mean | maximum}}

collect flow direction


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