Configuration to apply Flow Policy to an interface without an existing Flow Policy


configure terminal

interface type number

service-policy type performance-monitor inline {input | output}

match {access-group {access-group | name access-group-name} | any | cos cos-value | destination-address mac address | discard-class class-number | dscp dscp-value | flow {direction | sampler} | fr-de | fr-dlci dlci-number | input-interface interface-name | ip {rtp starting-port-number port-range | precedence | dscp} | mpls experimental topmost number | not match-criterion | packet length {max maximum-length-value [min minimum-length-value] | min minimum-length-value [max maximum-length-value]} | precedence {precedence-criteria1 | precedence-criteria2 | precedence-criteria3 | precedence-criteria4} | protocol protocol-name | qos-group qos-group-value | source-address mac address-destination| vlan {vlan-id | vlan-range | vlan-combination}}

flow monitor {monitor-name | inline}

record {record-name | default-rtp | default-tcp}

exporter exporter-name


monitor metric ip-cbr

rate layer3 {byte-rate {bps | kbps | mbps | gbps} | packet}


monitor metric rtp

clock-rate {type-number | type-name} rate

max-dropout number

max-reorder number

min-sequential number

ssrc maximum number


monitor parameters

flows number

interval duration number

history number

timeout number


react ID {media-stop | mrv | rtp-jitter-average | transport-packets-lost-rate}

action {snmp | syslog}

alarm severity {alert | critical | emergency | error | info}

alarm type {discrete | grouped {count number | percent number}}

threshold value {ge number | gt number | le number | lt number | range rng-start rng-end}


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